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Simon Says

"Show Time..."

Ethnicity: Asian
Occupation: Student/Nanowrimo-er

So what can I say about myself? I'm a chocoholic, puzzle/riddle addict, and a book-whore. I don't hate everyone, (though it may seem like it) but I certainly don't love them either. I treat people the way I treat my books. I read them carefully and from the details, I judge who to friend and who not to. But like some books out there, though the characters likeable and plot interesting, you end up hating the book. I do that with people. I try and friend those I think deserve it, but I don't always choose the right people. Very seldom do I give people a second chance. Of course, there are exceptions, those I'd give a million chances to, just to keep them my friend and close to my heart. Sadly the people that I'd do anything for I can count easily on one hand and have remaining fingers. It's a very short list, to say the least

There are many ways to get closer to me, though few people utilize them. If you ever get past the wall I put up, I'm a friendly person, a bit oblivious at times, but nice. If I just met you, I'll be friendly enough, just to get to know you. I've been told that I watch, and I wait; I observe, and I scrutinize. Then I'll pass judgement.

I'm a self proclaimed Slytherclaw for what good it does me. I look at crowds of people and stray as far as I can from the mob. I've instilled a sense of paranoia from my experiences. I trust no one, barring my two friends, and even then, I have difficult sharing. I lie, and I cheat. Ever since elementary school, I take what people will give me, and I'll give nothing in return. Of course I didn't realise I did this until much later in my life when lack of steady relationships turned into introspection.

My favourite thing is to break labels and shock people. Is it wrong to act like a lesbian? Well, then I'll act like a lesbian just for you. Can't imagine the existence of a girl gamer? I am a girl gamer. I relish the shock on people's faces, especially those that judge me as they see me. I love throwing in people's faces the fact that they know nothing.

I love Biology and English. I have so much fun remembering the facts I learned in AP Biology. I think going into the medical field and learning complex anatomy is the best thing I can do for my future. As for English, I adore writing. Of course, writing and reading go hand in hand, for what writer is not a great lover of words and subsequently, books? I spent a great majority of my life with books as my friends. Now I'll write and strive to reach the eloquence of writers like Jane Austen, Philip Pullman, or Jonathan Stroud (to name a few).

Still here? Friend me!

PS: I don't friend blank journals back. Just thought you should know.

My OTP's!
Sherlock x John
House x Wilson
Spock x Kirk
Merlin x Arthur
Holmes x Watson
Harry x Ginny
Draco x Hermione
Raito x L
Yami x Yuugi
Darcy x Lizzy
Bingley x Jane
He Qun x Xiao Shi
Ah Zhe x Rita

INTP - "Architect". Greatest precision in thought and language. Can readily discern contradictions and inconsistencies. The world exists primarily to be understood. 3.3% of total population.
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